That’s a Lot of Lines Of Code!

Mar 28, 2019
Author: David Vaccaro
After many years of programming the functions and intelligence behind the KitchenAttendant, We decided to run a program to find out how many lines of code it takes to make your kitchen smarter than you. So we counted.
Source: KitchenAttendant Magazine

Hold on, I need to reboot my sous chef

Jun 30, 2008
Author: Jennifer Lowell
The KitchenAttendant countertop touch-screen computer connects with supermarkets to help customers manage inventory, follow recipes, and follow dietary guidelines.
Source: cnet

Smart Kitchens

Aug 07, 2007
Author: Marilyn Soltis
One high-tech kitchen helper that has been in development for the past five years and may soon be a must-have for every kitchen is the KitchenAttendant.
Source: Chicago Life Magazine

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