That’s a Lot of Lines Of Code!

Mar 28, 2019
Author: David Vaccaro
After many years of programming the functions and intelligence behind the KitchenAttendant, We decided to run a program to find out how many lines of code it takes to make your kitchen smarter than you. So we counted.
Source: KitchenAttendant Magazine

Hold on, I need to reboot my sous chef

Jun 30, 2008
Author: Jennifer Lowell
The KitchenAttendant countertop touch-screen computer connects with supermarkets to help customers manage inventory, follow recipes, and follow dietary guidelines.
Source: cnet

Smart Kitchens

Aug 07, 2007
Author: Marilyn Soltis
One high-tech kitchen helper that has been in development for the past five years and may soon be a must-have for every kitchen is the KitchenAttendant.
Source: Chicago Life Magazine

Grocery tracking, recipe system readies for launch

Jun 11, 2007
Author: Matthew L. Brown
The KitchenAttendant is a touch-screen appliance designed to fit on a kitchen counter. From there, it connects with grocery stores and keeps track of items, compiles shopping lists, and allows grocery stores to send coupons for items the system's users need.
Source: Worcester Business Journal

High-Tech Gadgetry for Your Kitchen

Jun 10, 2007
Author: Nick Mokey
If you’ve ever wanted to run your home kitchen like a Fortune 500 company, complete with pie charts breaking down food spoilage and inventory management, KitchenAttendant should fit your needs.
Source: Digital Trends

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