Investor Relations

KitchenAttendant is the worlds first in-home, counter-top, touch screen console that connects the shopper directly to the grocery stores they shop at, bringing their purchase straight to their fingertips allowing them to track the food that is currently in their home.

A typical scenario for KitchenAttendant, The user searches for a recipe (filtered for dietary needs or lifestyle requirements). Items needed to create the recipe are checked against the Home Pantry and a list of recipes are shown that can be made with current inventory or they can opt for a shopping list for missing items to be created and compared against coupons and promotions, an electronic order is placed with the grocery store and the items are picked up, delivered or simply added to their shopping list.

KitchenAttendant provides the users with the following:

  1. Allergy Alerts
  2. Warnings are shown on the KA Console if anyone in the household has an allergy to a specific item.
  3. Recall Alerts
  4. Warnings are shown on the KA Console if any food item in the pantry has an FDA recall.
  5. Thousands of special dietary need recipes
  6. Coupon offerings directly tailored for their household needs.
  7. Store credits to KitchenAttendant partner stores