Reporting System

  • You can create a report on food spoilage (how much food do you throw away every month?)
  • Kitchen Attendant will even make suggestions on what you can spend your SAVED money on. (My car needs new tires... "You can buy four new tires from STORENAME in 5 months from the KitchenAttendant savings")
  • You can create a report that will show overstocked items (items that you keep buying but never use)
  • You can create a report that will show you appropriate recipe yielding for your family. (You made a 4 Lb. meatloaf and threw away 1/4 of it. KitchenAttendant will suggest a 3 Lb. meatloaf for your family from now on)
  • Get instant reports of recalls of ANY and ALL products currently in your kitchen.
    (Just added recall on petfoods as well)

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