Recipe System

  • You can search recipes by category.
  • You have the option to search recipes that are healthy. (KitchenAttendant can keep you and your family on the right track to healthy eating)
  • KitchenAttendant will show you what the nutritional value is of a recipe (No estimating because KitchenAttendant knows exactly what brand ingredients will be used in your recipe)
  • You can search recipes that are required for a special diet (lactose intolerant, Diabetic, etc.)
  • KitchenAttendant will show you appropriate recipe yielding for your family. (You made a 4 Lb. meat loaf and threw away 1/4 of it. KitchenAttendant will suggest a 3 Lb. meat loaf for your family from now on)
  • Remember, KitchenAttendant can show you recipes that can be made with ingredients that are currently in your kitchen. (No need to even see recipes you can not make right now)

    We also have Recipe Roulette
    The click of a button will select a random recipe that you have NOT had but can make with your current ingredients.

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