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Motorola Ventures helps turn great new ideas into thriving businesses. We are not a lab, but like one, we are about discovery. We focus on opportunities that complement Motorola's total business strategy. We evaluate "new idea companies," the people and technologies behind them and the vision they bring. We identify cutting-edge technology investments that will help us to achieve the best solutions to fit our customers' needs. Every investment is a strategic alliance encapsulated by vision, creativity, and business acumen. Bringing together talent and sharing dreams allows us to achieve more together than we can alone.

Motorola Ventures represents a diversified portfolio with a typical investment ranging from $3 million to $5 million. Our purpose is to nurture a venture company through its critical phases of start-up, growth and expansion. In addition to providing financial support, we offer business and technology expertise, market leadership and brand recognition to growing companies with compelling business plans. In turn, the companies we invest in introduce us to new ideas, new technologies and new markets. The result - strategic and financial value and, ultimately, competitive advantage.

We take a hard look at technology. We look for ideas and innovations that are based on sound business fundamentals that satisfy a market need. Companies that fulfill a Motorola Ventures profile also demonstrate a defensible intellectual property position, a proven business model, customer interest and a reasonable time to profit.

From the many companies we evaluate, we select only those that represent a true alliance - one that will strategically benefit both sides. Most of all we look at the people behind the ideas. We help make each other's dreams happen, and in turn, we contribute to each other's success. (visit site)

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