Careers at KitchenAttendant, Inc.

Accounting and Finance
Financial planning, preparation of annual budgets and providing financial advice to members of the management team. Continually modifying and establishing financial and general accounting procedures and systems. Periodical reports and statistical analysis.

Strong administration and secretarial support is required for KitchenAttendant to function efficiently and effectively. Duties in this area may include assisting teams in: preparation of confidential documents; client liaison; client billing; diary management; travel arrangements; mailing requirements; monitoring of office supplies; record keeping; photocopying; filing; etc.

ColdFusion Web Application Developer
Strong knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion, CSS and MS SQL to develop dynamic web applications. Designing, developing and maintaining flexible, scalable and high-performance browser based applications.
Experience with Ajax is preferred.

Customer Service
With many customer service and call centre operations fulfilling diverse enquiries, KitchenAttendant ensures the recruitment of enthusiastic phone operators with excellent customer service and communication skills. Other roles require attention to detail when entering and verifying information or replying to various correspondence. Employees in customer service roles must maintain a sound knowledge of business operations to provide responses.

The executive and management team members are responsible for achieving KitchenAttendant's corporate objectives, ensuring agreed strategies are implemented using effective leadership and management styles. Excellent relationship, communication and project management skills are required for these roles.

Future stock options and a terrific relaxed environment.

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