Shopping List System

Your Shopping List:
  • Easily create shopping lists by telling KitchenAttendant when you want a product added. (Add canned corn to my shopping list when I only have one can left)
  • Access your shopping list right from the grocery store by scanning your store card. (In-store kiosk will print your shopping list or you can view it on your web enabled device)
  • You can connect a device to your shopping cart that will show you the items, on your shopping list, as you walk by them.
  • Access and edit your shopping list from your cell phone or any other internet enabled device, including this website.
  • Create menu specific shopping list.
  • All items on your shopping list will be ordered by the way you walk through the grocery store.
  • KitchenAttendant can even tell you if you have items on your list that would not be considered healthy.

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