More Features

  • Easily remove items from your kitchen (Scan product with the KitchenAttendants barcode scanner, then throw it in the trash... KitchenAttendant subtracts one from "stock" and can also automatically add product to your shopping list)
  • Easily create shopping lists by telling KitchenAttendant when you want a product added. (Add canned corn to my shopping list when I only have one can left)
  • Leave notes for the family without paper... Even leave notes from your PC at work or your mobile device on the go.
  • Access your shopping list right from the grocery store by scanning your store card or from your mobile device.
  • You can access your shopping list and carry a hand held electronic scanner that will show you the items you need as you walk by them.
  • You can create a weekly diner menu complete with menu specific shopping list.
  • You can be warned if you are about to use an item that is reserved for a recipe on the weekly menu, has been recalled or someone has an allergy to that item.
  • Easily remove an item from stock that was spilled, dropped on the floor, eaten by the dog or whatever. (we have ALL dropped an egg or two)
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